Mission Statement

The Mission of the MentorSHPE Program at the University of Central Florida is to provide its mentees with a variety of learning opportunities that supports their academic success. MentorSHPE Program offers a stress-free environment, as well as the guidance and the support that the mentees need in order to be successful throughout their academic career.



 hare our knowledge with the mentee. 
 elp mentee maintain a competitive GPA
 rovide a network of people to support the mentee in their academic success
 ncourage mentee to complete their college degree in engineering


What is a mentor?

  • Someone who cares about you and is willing to spend his or her time and effort to help you succeed.
  •  Someone who has experience and has reached or is approaching their own goals.
  •  Someone who is willing to be there to talk and to support you

How do I get involved?

It’s easy! Just stay tuned to all of our meet-ups throughout the year. In order to be paired you will need to attend these meet-ups. If you have any questions, or simply feel that you can’t make it please contact the MentorSHPE Carlos Arboleda.

MentorSHPE Director: Manuela Morales