Having the sudden urge to participate? SHPE UCF has plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer and get involved. Whether it is by becoming a mentor or mentee in our MentorSHPE program, or engaging local high school students into STEM related fields through our SHPE Jr. branch, SHPE UCF encourages you to become a front runner and participate!
Everyday, it seems that high school students loose more interest in pursuing STEM related careers. But at SHPE Jr. we believe that the enthusiasm that brought us to SHPE is contagious. Participants of our SHPE Jr. program get to work directly with local high school students to encourage them to be the engineers of tomorrow.
Want to find more information? Simply go to the SHPE Jr. website by clicking the button below.

Do you feel confused and lonely in the engineering world? Or you feel like you want to give back by helping a fellow underclassmen. Then MentorSHPE is the right place for you.
With MentorSHPE you will get the chance to:
  • Obtain guidance from someone that has already been in your steps.
  • Learn how to speak up and be heard.
  • Get important networking connections.
  • Improve your interpersonal skills.
  • Understand the UCF culture and the unspoken rules of the organization.