The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1974 by a group of engineers employed by the city of Los Angeles. Their objective was to form a national organization of professional engineers to serve as role models in the Hispanic community.

The concept of Networking was the key basis for the organization. SHPE quickly established two student chapters to begin the network that would grow to encompass the nation as well as reach countries outside the United States.

For our members, we offer workshops and discussion panels with nearby companies on issues such as how to write a winning resume, interviewing tips and techniques and what companies expect out of an entry-level engineer.

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Today, SHPE enjoys a strong but independent network of professional and student chapters throughout the nation.

Specifically, SHPE UCF has participated in several kinds of events from monitoring student competition to attending professional conferences and hosting speakers at our meetings.

Among our duties is to serve as role models to the community. With this in mind, we conduct school visits to high schools through our SHPE Junior Program to present what technical professions are and how they affect our everyday life. We also monitor student competitions for SECME, a statewide program that enables younger student with hands-on projects with basic math and science applications.

The SHPE UCF chapter also participates in the national and regional conferences held throughout the year. These tools together allow our members to be professionally prepared for their upcoming careers.

Leadership is a key element for SHPE and we encourage all members to become leaders within our organization. It’s not only a resume booster but it allows you meet other students and chapters.

SHPE UCF is a part of SHPE Region VII along with Florida Atlantic University, University of Miami, Florida International University, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, University of Florida and the University of South Florida.

The professional chapters include the Central Florida, Tampa, South Florida and Atlanta chapters.

The SHPE National website is

The Central Florida SHPE Professional Chapter website

Our Mission
To change lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.
SHPE UCF's Awards

The following awards have been achieve thanks to the merit and effort of current and former members of SHPE UCF.

  • Region VII Leadership Training Certificate of Appreciation (2002)
  • SHPE Region VII Chapter of the Month (2006)
  • SHPE Region VII Chapter of the Month (2009)
  • RLDC Region VII Participation Award (2010)
  • Shark Pride Award – Student Chapter (2010)
  • Regional Outstanding Chapter Award (2011)
  • Shark Pride Award – Student Chapter (2011)
  • SHPE Jr Competition – 1st Place Winner (2012)
  • SHPE Region VII – March Madness Champion (2012)
  • Region VII SHPE – Cup Semi-Finalist (2015)
  • SHPE Blue Chip Award (2015)
  • Excellence in K-12 STEM Outreach (2015)
  • SHPE Region VII Best Chapter of the Year (2017)

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Soon… our 19 – 20 E-Board

Meet our 19 – 20 E-Board


Ana Riveros


The President shall be responsible for all business concerning the chapter. In consultation with the chapter officers, day-to-day external and internal affairs must be managed. They must supervise the chapter’s operations, prepare the chapter’s organization, and delegate the chapter’s functions. The President will also represent the chapter, and be the official spokesperson. Serve as a representative of the board, and comply to the board and general members. To be elected for this position, the individual must have held an executive board or committee position in the organization.

Sebastian Hernandez

External Vice President

The External Vice-President shall assist the President in all business affecting the chapter and act as President Pro Tempore, assuming the duties and responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence. They will also oversee industrial relations, community involvement, and conference statistics. The External Vice President will seek information from companies, organizations, and potential partners from outside or inside the school campus. To be elected for this position, the individual must have held an executive board or committee position in the organization.

Carlos Arboleda

Internal Vice President

The Internal Vice President shall be responsible with internal affairs of the organization. Examples, but not limited to, for internal affairs are registering the organization with the University, handling room reservations for specific events/meetings, and updating the members via newsletters. The Internal Vice President will also keep records of the events, meetings, and discussions. They will serve as a liaison with campus media, publications, and newspapers. To be elected for this position, the individual must have held an executive board or committee position in the organization.

Tomas Serna


The Secretary shall be responsible with the spearheading board meetings and upholding leadership accountability; analyzing areas of recurring discrepancy to communicate, adapt, set goals and develop organization leadership collectively.  He also Coordinates and executes programs to fortify interactions between E-board, committees and members.

Andres Alvarez


The Treasurer shall be responsible with the finance of the organization, such as keeping a log of the money leaving the organization and in charge of overseeing the money entering the organization. Oversee functions such as presenting proposals, direct fundraising campaigns, and make connections with potential sponsors. The Treasurer will work alongside the External Vice President to keep relationships with past and present sponsors for future opportunities.

Chairs & Directors

Camille Morar

Event Chair

The Event Chair shall be responsible for the events within the organization. This individual must be flexible with ideas within the Executive Board members and the General Body members, and be responsible with advertising the specific events through various mediums. The Event Chair is responsible with the engagement of the members hosting socials, team-building activities, and interactive breaks during the general body meetings.

Desiree Dominguez

Graduate Ambassador

The Graduate Ambassador shall be responsible of guiding and counseling members interested in attending graduate school and those already in graduate school. However, the Graduate Ambassador shall not be limited to these guidelines as this officer should seek member growth. Manage projects relating to the organization’s recruitment, retention, engagement with its members. They will also maintain and create new programs within the organization as they see fit.

Tatiana Ocampo

Outreach Chair

The Outreach Chair shall be responsible for having the organization evolve outwards within the community. They must implement events and opportunities for the members that count towards community service, and must initiate and maintain relations with other organizations (engineering and non-engineering). The Outreach Chair will also be the representative for the organization, thus attending meetings, forums, or discussions and informing the executive board of what was discussed.

Mariana González

Marketing Chair

As the marketing chair  I am in charge of making sure our members receive all the information about events that SHPE will be doing and participating in. Additionally, I am in charge of spreading the word about SHPE and getting more members involved in this organization while also answering any questions or post that are made to SHPE ucf social media accounts.

Linette Martinez

Development Chair

The Development Chair shall be responsible for promoting and enforcing development within the chapter. They are responsible for both the academic development and professional development, both of which can be promoted through workshops. Another responsibility is to keep the members informed of any opportunity to increase their development, such as scholarships, internships, or events that encourage development.

Francisco Rivera

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair is responsible for meeting the needs of current members and increasing the overall membership. These responsibilities include assisting new and current members, increasing the retention rate for new members, and helping all members with any of their questions and concerns.

Haniel Diaz

Tech Director

The Tech Director shall be responsible with the technological affairs inside the organization. Matters such as researching and introducing new concepts within the technology field. These concepts will be passed down to the board and general members through workshops and events. The Tech Director will also maintain existing projects and commence potential projects within the field. Examples, but not limited to, are projects such as the website, application, or hackathon.

Juancarlos Hernandez

MentorSHPE Director

The MentorSHPE Director shall be responsible for matching the students who seek help and those who seek to help, regardless of their academic standing. Methods of matching shall be appropriately created and the MentorSHPE UCF Handbook shall be updated. The MentorSHPE Director can create specific events to unite the participants within the program and find incentives to keep the members engaged. They must focus on the academic, professional, and social aspects of the members in their program.

Jaime Hernandez

SHPE Jr. Director

The SHPE Jr. Director shall be responsible with introducing STEM to local K-12 schools. With regards to SHPE Jr. chapters, the SHPE Jr. Director is the point of contact of all established and yet to be established chapters. These relationships must be maintained, as well as new relationships must be initiated through contacts or events. Annual events to be considered, but are not limited to, during the position is the SHPE Jr. Conference and Noche De Ciencias.

SHPE UCF is proud to work with
Burns and McDonnell
J.P. Morgan Chase
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
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